Flight Training

Have you ever dreamed of learning how to fly?  Well, go ahead and pick up the phone and schedule your introductory flight with us today.  Maybe you started and then stopped for a while.  In either case, call us today to fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot.

Capital City Jet Center, offers a variety of aircraft and an experienced staff of professional flight instructors to help you soar your way to becoming a professional pilot.

Hours of Operation:  0700-2100 7 Days A Week

Capital City Jet Center Flight School Location

CCJC is conveniently located just southwest of downtown Columbus at Bolton Field. Bolton Field (KTZR) is conveniently located for new and experienced students. It requires a control tower for added safety and provides excellent experience. However, it’s small enough to offer a friendly atmosphere for flying and to remain Columbus’s best kept secret in aviation.

The Maintenance of the Aircraft

CCJC goes above and beyond the required 100-hour Federal Aviation Regulation by adding a 50-hour service inspection. CCJC has full-time FAA certified maintenance staff to perform these inspections. If replacement part or motors are needed, CCJC can get it done in a timely professional manner.

Experience Counts

CCJC uses experienced instructors who are passionate about what they do. They will insure that you have all the knowledge, skill and safety procedures to follow throughout your aviation learning experience.

Type of Training Aircraft

CCJC uses the worlds best trainer; the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. With multiple 172′s to choose from there’s almost always a plane available. When you’re ready to move up, try our retractable gear Cessna or step up to the low wing Mooney M20J for a completely different flying experience.

Training Offered

  • Ground School
  • Recreational
  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Biennial Flight Reviews
    • Refresher Training