Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management Made Easy

At some point, you have considered the freedom and control of your own aircraft with a personal flight crew.  Have you been put off by concerns about hiring and supervising professional pilots and maintenance staff, hangar rental, or arranging and managing flight details?

Based in the heart of the Midwest, Capital City Jet Center simplifies regional and global travel to meet all your needs.  Our aircraft management services provide a turnkey solution which easily transforms an aircraft into a personal travel system for business and leisure. CCJC integrates aircraft acquisition tasks and aircraft management resulting in significant savings of time and resources. A newly acquired aircraft cannot operate until crew, scheduling, approvals, training, and insurance have all been are arranged and completed.

As your trusted intermediary, CCJC full-service approach integrates the acquisition and operations processes resulting in a turnkey flight operation, so as a new owner you are ready to travel when you take delivery of your aircraft. Call us today and begin your journey to the freedom of owning your own aircraft.

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