Private Jet Air Charter Service in Columbus, Ohio

Thank you for visiting Capital City Jet Center, Central Ohio’s complete full service aviation and aircraft services company. Based at Bolton Field Airport, we are located just 15 minutes from the center of downtown Columbus, Ohio and Ohio State University. We pride ourselves in paying attention to even the smallest details. Whether it’s a business trip, vacation, or a leisure flight on a weekend, you have our personal assurance that your consideration to use us is one that will bring you the best experience in the industry.

Personal attention to detail is essential to fulfilling your highest expectations. That is why our charter personnel are your personal concierges and liaison to a host of global aviation and transportation services. They are here to assist you with any and all your needs, no matter how great or small.  With every trip, you’ll know that every last detail of your trip has been looked after. Those who choose to travel with us know it’s also quality time and something they can look forward to every time they fly with us.

With Private Air Charter You:

  • Eliminate wasted time in commercial terminals.
  • Come and go when you want.
  • Travel with your luggage all the time.
  • Travel to/from the closest airport to your departure and arrival locations.
  • Realize that time really is money.

On-Demand means you set the itinerary and flights depart when you’re ready to go!

On- Demand means that you decide where you want to go! Unlike the scheduled airlines, which fly non-stop to a limited number of markets, our fleet can take you non-stop to hundreds of cities and every major market in 35 states…and the rest of the country with one fuel stop.

On-Demand means that you decide who flies with you. Instead of flying with a hundred strangers on a scheduled flight, you pick the passengers. Whether you’re flying alone, with business colleagues, or with family members, you’ll know everyone on board.

On-Demand means never killing time at the airport waiting for the next flight home. Unlike the scheduled airlines, which always seem to depart two hours after your meeting ends, you can board your Capital City Jet Center aircraft as soon as you arrive at the terminal. And we’ll take off an average of six minutes after you’re settled in!

On-Demand means bringing along everything you need for your presentation, meeting, or exhibit…and knowing it will arrive with you and in perfect condition. Unlike the scheduled airlines, that make you measure your carry-on baggage and restrict you to two pieces, we’ll let you bring everything you need!

On-demand jet charter from Capital City Jet Center is a business tool that takes you where you want to go on your schedule. Call our sales office to see how affordable on-demand air charter can be and how valuable your personal and business time really is. Capital City Jet Center operates 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week in order to accommodate all your global transportation needs.

And unlike the scheduled airlines, we offer complete trip planning, including ground transportation, hotel reservations, on-board meal planning, and conference room scheduling at your destination airport.

View The Fleet

In order to fulfill all your needs, our versatile aircraft fleet availability includes light, medium and heavy transatlantic jet aircraft. For each client, we execute the highest operational and business standards in the industry today. For those who travel the globe, these same standards and philosophies are also applied to our comprehensive worldwide network of global aircraft.


Cessna CitationJet 3 (CJ3)


Your Safety

One of the great advantages of flying on-demand is that you can get to know the pilots who fly your aircraft, the schedulers and dispatchers who provide operational control over your flight, and the director of maintenance who cares for your jet.

When was the last time you met any of those folks on a scheduled airline?

Independent Research

When you fly on-demand, you can ask for an ARGUS TripCHEQ that provides a comprehensive analysis of a company’s credentials specific to your trip including pilot certifications, type ratings, operator certificates, and operational control of aircraft.

Have you ever received that kind of information for a scheduled airline flight?

Complete Information

Unlike the scheduled airlines, that often leave you wondering what’s going on, you’ll be thoroughly briefed before and during each trip. We know our passengers like to be kept informed about changes in the weather, expected arrival times, and their route of travel.

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